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Whether its a refrigeration installation or repair we have a team of refrigeration engineers ready to assist.
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Ice Machine

Commercial ice makers (often called ice machines) are designed to provide a reliably consistent source of ice in a variety of shapes and sizes. Whether you’re adding crystal clear ice cubes to classy cocktails or simply using crushed ice to showcase your seafood, a professional ice cube machine can save you time and money, as well as adding much-needed value to your products. Having the right ice on site can make a big difference to your business, especially during hot summer weather. 


Designed to fit into small spaces, but with great performance. Undercounter fridges offer useful storage for food and drinks in all kinds of places.

Popular within the catering industry, an under counter fridge is ideal for front of house. This gives quick and easy access to common ingredients, drinks and more. They also offer practicality without being bulky or visible to guests.

An under counter fridge is smaller but provides the same quality as larger equivalents. This makes them perfect for all kinds of businesses and business areas.

Display cabinet

A display cabinet is a small refrigerator designed to showcase your products to your customers. Shops, bakeries, cafes, restaurants, cinemas, garden centres and takeaways can all benefit from placing a small display on a counter top. The clear glass sides give people a panoramic view of the delicious goods, encouraging them to indulge.

Cold room

Do you need to increase the storage capacity in your refrigeration unit? If your standard commercial refrigeration unit is not enough, then you should look for a cold room installation. For businesses that require large storage or freezer rooms, we can help you find the perfect solution that can meet all your requirements.


With years of experience in the trade, we can supply and install good quality cellar cooling units to suit your needs. We will ensure that your cellar coolers are sized to fit perfectly in your premises. You can also benefit from our maintenance cover to ensure that your equipment operates at an optimal level.


A Walk-In Freezer is amongst the most efficient methods to hold large quantities of chilled or frozen foods. If you have the space, a cold room is usually more cost-effective than multiple separate Upright Fridges or Upright Freezers. Walk-in freezers ensure a constant and stable temperature for your frozen or chilled goods, ensuring maximum longevity.

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Refrigeration brands we support

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