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Whether its a air conditioning installation or repair we have a team of air conditioning engineers ready to assist.
We specialise in the design, installation, maintenance & repair of commercial & domestic air conditioning systems.
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Wall Mounted Split System Air Conditioning

Wall mounted air conditioning units are a popular commercial choice and are beautifully designed to be fitted on the wall for more space saving.

They are easy to install and do not require ducting. The internal and external units are easily connected via copper pipes and electric cable.

There are a variety of unit sizes to ensure all commercial spaces can be accommodated. 

Cassette Split System Air Conditioning

Cassette split system air conditioning are the most discreet and cost-effective solution for maintaining a comfortable workplace temperature.

The units are fit neatly into your ceiling and can deliver air in various directions, providing the room with an even temperature distribution.

Multi Split Systems Air conditioning

Multi split systems air conditioning are one of the most flexible, scalable and convenient solutions for independently creating and controlling the temperature of multiple rooms.

With no need for ducting, they are easy and quick to set up.

Close Control Air Conditioning

Close control air conditioning systems have been specifically designed to regulate temperature and humidity inside enclosed spaces and buildings with high heat-producing electronic devices.

Maintaining the appropriate temperature and humidity is essential to prevent serious damage to any commercial spaces containing computers, servers, telecommunication equipment and more.

Ducted Air Conditioning

Ducted air conditioning systems are an energy-efficient and cost-effective solution for both residential and commercial buildings.

The system generates a continuous, even flow of cool air that is pumped through a series of ductwork installed throughout your property.

Ceiling Mounted Air Conditioning

Ceiling mounted air conditioning is one of the most energy-efficient, powerful and quiet systems available on the market.

Suitable for large commercial premises such as hospitality venues, retail environments, galleries and more.

The indoor units are usually mounted near a wall and just below ceiling height, perfect for where spaces on the wall or floor are limited.

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